Indigenous languages are an important part of the unique cultures, traditions, and worldviews that have developed over millennia—they are an essential to Indigenous Peoples’ identity and a key aspect of self-determination. Strengthening the capacity of Indigenous-led language revitalization efforts by increasing skills, shifting attitudes and behaviours, supporting community driven initiatives and building a network of language advocates.

Connecting creates a positive view of the local Indigenous language, and shows that community leaders and education systems understand the importance of Indigenous Language Revitalization.

Creating and Supporting Opportunities to

Support community-led research and language revitalization initiatives and programs

Increase access to Indigenous language revitalization programming

Foster collaborative partnership and building a network of language advocates

Work alongside Elders and Indigenous Language Keepers

Support initiatives designed and delivered by Indigenous communities and organizations with a focus on building capacity

Develop Indigenous language resources and promote networking

2024 SILR Gathering

Gatherings have been successful in showcasing Indigenous language leaders, educators, learners and advocates to elevate Indigenous Language Revitalization in education, to increase language speakers and learners and to also create a network so that resources are showcased, shared and effective in revitalizing Indigenous languages.

Connecting, Gathering and Programs

Braiding Stories to Live By

Braiding Stories to Live By (BStLB) empowers Indigenous young women through customized gatherings and educational initiatives. This program features five-day summer gatherings, seasonal sessions, and collaborative models for Indigenous Preservice Teachers, focusing on Indigenous Knowledge and Pedagogy. SILR supports BStLB in blending traditional wisdom and modern wellness practices, enhancing the cultural and personal growth of Indigenous young women.

Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership (YIWCL)

The Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership (YIWCL) program empowers Indigenous women aged 10-19, focusing on language and culture to foster self-worth and respect. SILR’s collaboration with YIWCL aids in preserving Indigenous languages, essential for cultural empowerment and knowledge transmission.

First Peoples House

The First Peoples’ House at the University of Alberta is an empowering space for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students. It fosters personal and academic growth, rooted in First Peoples’ beliefs and cultural teachings. The House is dedicated to serving the Indigenous student community, providing services that honor an Indigenous worldview of education as an ongoing learning ceremony.

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