“Everybody is equipped to learn their language, because the language is in our DNA. It’s in our soul memory. It’s in everything we do.”

– Lynda Minoose

What SILR Is

Supporting Indigenous Language Revitalization (SILR) is dedicated to promoting and supporting the revitalization of Indigenous languages. SILR aspires to a future where Indigenous languages are not only preserved but are also thriving and commonly spoken in various settings like homes, schools, workplaces, and across the land. SILR’s primary focus is on increasing accessibility to language programming and developing resources that aid in maintaining and enhancing the health and vibrancy of Indigenous languages in communities. This effort is aimed at benefiting both current and future generations. SILR works in collaboration with the University of Alberta and the BHP Foundation.

SILR Pathways

Towards Indigenous Language Revitalization: An Informative Resource

The Towards Indigenous Language Revitalization: An Informative Resource recognizes and is intended to complement the revitalization actions across Canada. As a tool, the resource is for communities, language teachers, and education systems engaged in efforts to preserve, protect, revitalize, and sustain Indigenous languages.

Increasing capacity and opportunity Language Revitalization

Supporting safe spaces for healing, belonging, and cultural pride
Acquiring knowledge and sharing wise practices on language revitailzation
Championing language revitalization in communicates and education systems

Braiding Stories to Live By

Braiding Stories to Live By is focused on co-creating Indigenous young women gatherings unique to each community we work with.

Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute

CILLDI works to support Indigenous language revitalization through their annual summer school, in-community work, and research on Indigenous languages in Canada and abroad.

First Peoples’ House Student Supports

First Peoples’ House is a student service centre for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students at the University of Alberta offering programs and services to help students achieve academic success and personal growth.

Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership

Focused on developing young Indigenous womens’ self-worth, pride and respect of self and others through the learning of cultural values using Indigenous languages.

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