Understanding the value of Indigenous language revitalization is a transformative insight for community and educational leaders. It inspires them to advocate for and implement language-focused programs and policies. This broader recognition fosters a more positive perception of Indigenous languages, sparking both new and seasoned speakers to engage more actively in speaking and teaching roles.

SILR has made significant strides in reaching Indigenous Peoples and communities, helping to develop and execute programs aimed at reviving their languages. Our commitment in the Sharing aspect is to disseminate our findings widely, thereby enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of language revitalization efforts. This sharing of knowledge not only supports current initiatives but also serves as a beacon for future endeavors, illuminating the path towards a richer, more vibrant linguistic heritage.

SILR’s Research

SILR’s research journey has allowed us to create resources and compile a diverse range of language learning opportunities across Canada, all rooted thorough community-led research.

This endeavor reflects SILR’s commitment to making language education accessible and tailored to the unique linguistic needs of communities over different regions.

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