The vision of the SILR Gathering is to have a safe, welcoming space for Indigenous Language champions, speakers, learners and advocates to gather and share, learn, connect and collaborate! SILR’s Gatherings are to elevate Indigenous Language Revitalization in community and education; to increase language speakers and learners and to create a network so resources are showcased, shared and effective in revitalizing Indigenous languages now and for future generations!

2024 SILR Gathering

We are thrilled to share the latest highlights from the 2024 SILR Gathering!

You are invited to enjoy this video clip featuring highlights from the 2024 SILR Gathering.

Highlights include comments from Dr. Leroy Littlebear, Dr. Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams, Lyndon Agnias, Doreen Daychief, Edna Elias, Lynda Minoose, Tom Johnson, and Richard Kistabish!

Past Gatherings

SILR’s first Gathering was on March 31, 2023, an honorable day that coincided with National Indigenous Languages Day and supported the International Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022 – 2032!

The 2023 SILR Gathering brought presenters from diverse backgrounds to explore the connection of mind, body, spirit in language, land, and culture; raise awareness on the importance of Indigenous Language Revitalization and share Indigenous language learning and teachings strategies or resources.

Land is Medicine, Land is Healing, Land speaks to us

Dr. Jessie Sylvestre

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Dr. Jessie Sylvestre, 2023 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jessie Sylvestre hails from ejeredeséche Buffalo River Dene Nation, Treaty 10 Territory. She is married, and they are blessed with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She graduated in 1984, with a standard ‘A’ certificate. She continued on to attain a B.Ed in 1994 and taught for many years. She began her Master’s degree in Land-Based Indigenous Education through the U of S in 2013, receiving her M. Ed in 2015. She has completed her doctoral degree in the IPK.Doc program, and has received her official certificate on June 22, 2022.

Jessie is now the President at the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre (SICC) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Treaty 6 Territory, and she is the first Denesųłine person to take on the lead role to represent the 74 Nations of Saskatchewan, and SICC has been in existence since 1972.

Dr. Jessie Sylvestre

2023 Youth Panel

Each of the youth shared their lived experiences and journey in their language learning journeys.
Youth panel was well received with comments like, “Great youth panel, but if we could also showcase what the Other languages are doing with their youth. I love being Nehiyaw but it will be great to hear young Dene, Dakota, Tsuu Tina, Blackfoot, Anishinaabe or Michif speakers in Alberta”.

Cameron Adams

Cameron is ininiw-Anishinaabe and French Canadian with Scottish and English ancestry from Gimli, Manitoba and Treaty from Memewiziibing (Berens River) situated in Treaty 5 Territory.

Margaret (Maggie) Biagioni

Margaret Katherine-Rose nitisińīhkāson ēkwa ē-okwēmēsiyān nōhkomipanak. māka Maggie isiyihkāso. ēkwa nińa awa okāwīmaw, ninēhińāwiskwēwin, ēwka mīna nimaskihkīwiskwēwin. oskana kā-asastēki kayahtē nitohcīn ekwa mēkwāc Terrace BC niwīkin otaskīhk of the unceded Territory of the Tsimshian People.

Levi Wolfe

Levi is Plains Cree from wîhcêkaskosîwi-sâkahikanihk (Onion Lake Cree Nation), located in both Alberta and Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 Territory.

Past Presentations

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