The Intensive Adult Language Immersion project is designed to be community-led and lead to new and improved language proficiency among Indigenous young adults.

About IALI

Having new proficient speakers among Indigenous young adults is a game changer in the language revitalization strategy of any community—these key actors will be carrying the knowledge held by the Elders while becoming mentors and role models to the younger generations. The basic model of IALI includes a full immersion experience:

  1. Instructors living and working full time in the community, and
  2. Young adults (age 16-45) hired as full-time learners for two years—this financial support will mitigate barriers preventing their commitment to become proficient in their language, as this would allow them to focus on their learning without worrying about financial stress.

This basic model is expected to vary depending on each community’s current state and future vision, with the final program being the result of a collaborative process between Indigenous educational and community organizations, Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please send an email to

Who It's For
Adult Learners who want additional student supports and language growth.